Review of "The Aventure of Thomas the Turtle"

The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle - Stuart Samuel, Nathaniel Dailey


     This picture book for 5-9 year olds is about a turtle named Thomas who lives in a idyllic pond with his sister and mother. All is quiet until one day when Thomas ventures too close to a forbidden region, which sweeps him over a waterfall. He then battles the forces of nature, which wrestle him away from his family. How he struggles to overcome obstacles to reunite with his sister and mother constitutes the rest of the adventure. The book is a story of obedience, determination and faith.

      Beautifully illustrated by artist Nathaniel Dailey, The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle is written in the tradition of great children classics of which The Tale of Peter the Rabbit comes to mind. It is a touching story that conveys a sense of meanings on multiple levels. Parents will want to read and re-read The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle to their children as a way of illustrating the value of family unity.